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RCC 2022-23 Catalog

Governance and Foundation

Board of Education

Claudia Sullivan
Zone 1, Josephine County

Pat Fahey
Zone 2, Josephine County

Jeff Lang
Zone 3, Jackson County

Patricia (Pat) Ashley
Zone 4, Jackson County

Kevin Talbert, Ph.D.
Zone 5, Jackson County

Roger Stokes
Zone 6, Jackson County

Maria Ramos Underwood
Zone 7, Jackson County


Randy Weber, Ed.D.

Juliet Long
Vice President, Student and Academic Affairs

Lisa Stanton
Vice President Operations and Finance
Chief Financial Officer, College Services

Jamee Harrington
Vice President, People, Culture and Safety / Chief Human Resources Officer

Foundation Board

Valerie Barr, President
Ian Foster, Vice President
Jennifer Krauss Phillippi, Co-Treasurer
Deelia Warner, Co-Treasurer
Andy Linerud, Secretary
Claudia Sullivan, Liaison for Board of Education
Cynthia Ackerman
Peter Angstadt
Jerry Brienza
Mark Gibson
Ron Goss
Karen Kahn
Kingsley Kelley
Laura Magstadt
Kristin Miller
Nicholas Naumes
Tony Retiz
Juan Rivera
John Salisbury
Tanner Smith
Grant Walker
Josh Welch

Jodi Simons, Interim Executive Director