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2022-23 RCC Catalog

2022-2023 Business Pathway
can be completed completely online

Business Assistant: Customer Service

Career Pathway Certificate

About the Program

The Customer Service Career Pathway two-term certificate prepares students for entry-level customer service positions in a variety of fields where the ability to effectively deal with the public is required. Courses included in this pathway can be applied toward completion of the one-year Business Assistant certificate and the Associate of Applied Science in Business Technology degree. This program can be completed entirely through online delivery.

Program Learning Outcomes

The curriculum in RCC courses is derived from a set of identified learning outcomes that are relevant to the discipline. Program learning outcomes for the Business Assistant Customer Service Career Pathway Certificate are:

  • Employability Skills
    Develop the interpersonal skills necessary to preserve effective working relationships.
  • Technology
    Use technology to assist with business operations.

Entry Requirements

Students are required to complete the Placement Process to determine skill level and readiness in math, reading, and writing. As part of their training program, students must begin with the courses within their skill level as determined through the Placement Process.

Advanced Standing

Coursework from accredited colleges and universities will be accepted in accordance with college policies and the Business Technology Department chair’s approval. In order to ensure that coursework is current, program courses over 10 years old must be reviewed and approved by the appropriate department chair before being accepted toward core requirements. Students must complete coursework in their major at a “C” or better level before proceeding to advanced coursework. High school College Now credit will be accepted in accordance with the current articulation agreement.

Credits earned in the successful completion of Career Pathway Certificates can be applied to other certificates and degrees in the Career Pathway. For more information, speak to a program advisor.

Completion Requirements

This guide lays out an optimal path to graduate. Where zero credits are listed in the prerequisites, students may place into a higher-level(s) based on designated placement score(s). Note, some prerequisites may be required for graduation. Please consult an advisor with any program completion questions.


Program email address: [email protected]
Program Prerequisites
Course No. Course Title Alternate Course(s) Comments




or designated placement score


College Reading


or designated placement score, WR91 fulfills RD90/WR90


Fundamentals of Composition


or designated placement score, WR91 fulfills RD90/WR90

Prerequisites - credits vary based on Placement Score(s): 0-12



Term 1
      Check in with Advisor


Introduction to Business Computing




Business English I 1




Human Relations in Organizations




Business Math




Term Credits: 15



Term 2


Introduction to Business




Business English II 1




Customer Service




Business Ethics




Term Credits: 14





1 Students who have successfully completed the 3-credit versions of BT113 and BT114 will have met the requirement, but will need at least 29 applicable business credits to receive this certificate.

For more information, contact the Business Technology Department.

Business Technology Department faculty and staff can also be reached by:
Phone: 541-956-7500
Email: [email protected]
Web address: www.roguecc.edu/business
TTY: Oregon Telecom Relay Service, 711

2022-23 RCC Catalog