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2022-23 RCC Catalog

PS-Political Science

Lower Division Collegiate

PS199 (variable credits)
Special Studies: Political Science

Selected topics of study in political science are offered on demand through workshops, seminars, lecture, lab, and/or independent study format. This course is designed to: Provide students with opportunities to explore in greater depth specific topics in the field of political science which are presented in the introductory political science course; Provide other RCC departments with a variety of subject offerings designed to address problems, issues and concerns which are unique to their specific discipline; Provide flexibility in meeting elective political science credits by allowing and encouraging students to research areas of political science not currently taught in the political science curriculum. Prerequisites: May vary depending on subject offerings.

PS201 (4 credits)
U.S. Government: Institutions and Policy

Provides a general investigation of the socio-political processes in the United States and includes, but is not limited to, the following: an historical overview of American democracy and political institutions, the Constitution and the road to ratification, federalism and domestic and foreign policy. Prerequisite: WR115 or BT113 or designated placement score. Courses need not be taken in sequence.

PS202 (4 credits)
U.S. Government: Ideologies and Political Participation

Examines the concepts and principles of the American political system including political ideologies, civil liberties, and the role of interest groups, media and public participation in campaigns and elections. Prerequisite: WR115 or BT113 or designated placement score. Courses need not be taken in sequence.

PS203 (4 credits)
State and Local Government

A general survey/overview of the political process at the state and local level with an emphasis on Oregon law, constitution, and current local political issues. Prerequisite: BT113 or WR115 or designated placement score. Courses need not be taken in sequence.

PS280 (variable credits)
Cooperative Work Experience / Political Science

Cooperative Work Experience is an educational program that enables students to receive academic credit for on-the-job, experiential learning based on skills acquired in their programs. Together, the instructor, employer, and student establish learning objectives that specify the significant and appropriate learning which is expected to result from the work experience. This course offers a career-related experience for students working for an approved employer. As a capstone course, it should be completed within the last two terms of a certificate or degree program. Prerequisite: CWE courses require prior arrangements with faculty or the Department Chair.

2022-23 RCC Catalog