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2022-23 RCC Catalog

PRX-Pharmacy Technician

Career and Technical Courses

PRX101 (4 credits)
Pharmacy Technician I

Introduces the basic concepts of the practice of pharmacy and the pharmacy technician’s role, including the history of pharmacy, the types of pharmacy settings, the language of pharmacy and drug classifications, the types and use of technology in the pharmacy setting, and basic concepts of health insurance billing as they relate to the pharmacy technician’s role. Prerequisite: Acceptance into the Pharmacy Technician Certificate program

PRX102 (4 credits)
Pharmacy Technician II

Builds on material learned in Pharmacy Technician I. Focus is on the pharmacy technician’s role in purchasing and inventory control, the behaviors expected of a professional pharmacy technician, the process of preparing, labeling, packaging, storing, and distributing medication, and the purpose, reason, and process for compounded and sterile medications. Prerequisite: PRX101.

2022-23 RCC Catalog