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2022-23 RCC Catalog


Lower Division Collegiate

ED120 (1 credit)
Leadership I

Introduces basic skills in leadership. Special attention is given to developing basic leadership skills and cultural systems awareness.

ED121 (1 credit)
Leadership II

Introduces basic skills in leadership. Special attention is given to assessing and developing basic management skills and organizational systems awareness. Prerequisite: ED120.

ED122 (1 credit)
Leadership III

Selected projects are provided to teams of students that will require the use of effective leadership and management skills to achieve success. Special attention is given to assessing and providing students with meaningful coaching and feedback on their use of key leadership and management skills. Prerequisite: ED121.

ED170 (variable credits)
Introductory Practicum

Provides supervised work with children in a classroom setting. The student will work with instructor to identify a different site for each practicum credit. Prerequisites: RD90 and WR90; or WR91 or designated placement scores; and ECE125, ECE161, ECE163, or ED225.

ED200 (3 credits)
Introduction to Teaching

This course investigates the historical, global, social, legal and philosophical foundations of education. It provides an overview of the structure and contemporary issues of the American education system. It explores the roles and ethical consideration of the education profession. Prerequisite: WR115 or designated placement score.

ED225 (3 credits)
Child Development

Explores child growth and development from the prenatal period through middle childhood. Requires observing children in a classroom setting. Prerequisite: WR115 or designated placement score.

ED282 (3 credits)
Introduction to Community College Teaching

This course provides community college educators with practical and progressive techniques on what to do inside and outside the classroom to help students succeed. These practices and strategies can be applied to both in-person and online learning formats. Additionally, this course covers basic tools for navigating instructor responsibilities at Rogue Community College. 

ED283 (3 credits)
Effective Online Instruction in Community Colleges

This course covers synchronous and asynchronous online course design, management and best practices for community college instructors. Topics covered include backward design, content creation, assessment, student engagement strategies, communication with students, accessibility and equity. By the end of the term students will create an online course ready for delivery.

2022-23 RCC Catalog