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2022-23 RCC Catalog


Lower Division Collegiate

ECON115 (3 credits)
Introduction to Economics

Surveys the principles of economics, evolution of economic thought, and development of present United States economic structure. Covers concepts of supply and demand, opportunity costs, and history of economic ideas. Prerequisite: BT114 or WR115 or designated placement score.

ECON201 (4 credits)
Principles of Microeconomics

Introduces students to consumer and company behavior and the market process. The economic analysis of different market structures of perfect competition, imperfect competition, and monopoly are analyzed along with the principles of income distribution and resource allocation under a market system. Prerequisite: BT114 or WR121, or designated placement score. Recommended prerequisite: CIS125WW.

ECON202 (4 credits)
Principles of Macroeconomics

Studies human behavior and choices as they relate to the entire economy. Covers aggregate demand and aggregate supply of goods and services, how tax and spending affect the entire economy's output and employment, and how the Federal Reserve can manipulate the supply of money, inflation and economic growth. Prerequisite: BT114 or WR121 or designated placement score. Recommended prerequisite: CIS125WW.

2022-23 RCC Catalog