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2022-23 RCC Catalog


Lower Division Collegiate

COMM100 (3 credits)
Basic Communication

Offers a basic overview of the communication discipline and emphasizes the skills development of best communication practices in different contexts. Topics to be covered include intra- and interpersonal communication, small group processes, non-verbal communication, culture, and public expression. Prerequisite: WR115 or BT113 or designated placement score.

COMM111 (4 credits)
Fundamentals of Public Speaking

Introduces public speaking that is designed to help students overcome nervousness when speaking before a group, learn the steps involved in speech preparation and delivery, and improve skills in analyzing and evaluating the speeches of others. Prerequisite: WR115 or BT113 or designated placement score.

COMM115 (4 credits)
Introduction to Intercultural Communication

Provides an overview of communication from an intercultural perspective. Students will learn how culture impacts social identities, communication behaviors, and meaning. Fulfills cultural literacy requirement within the Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer degree. Prerequisite: WR115 or BT113 or designated placement score.

COMM201 (4 credits)
Media and Society

Provides an overview of the history, present state, and future of different forms of mass communication – such as print, audio, television/film, and social media – and explores theoretical, economic, and societal perspectives on the creation and consumption of mass media, including advertising, media ethics, and media law and regulation. Prerequisite: WR115 or BT113 or designated placement score.

COMM218 (4 credits)
Interpersonal Communication

Examines the role of interpersonal communication in human relationships. The focus is on a relational view of communication - one that explores how relationships are created, negotiated, maintained and terminated. Prerequisite: WR115 or BT113 or designated placement score.

COMM225 (4 credits)
Small Group Communication and Problem-solving

Examines the nature of communication in a group or team context. Students will learn about individual and group roles, methods of negotiation and problem-solving, leadership, and the evolving nature of groups in business and society. Prerequisite: WR115 or BT113 or designated placement score. Corequisite: WR121.

COMM237 (4 credits)
Communication and Gender

Examines communication similarities and differences as related to gender and sex. More specifically, this class explores the relationship between one’s sex, sexual preference, and gender identity with cultural and social expectations towards the creation and management of meaning. Gender issues to be explored include the dimensions of power, cultural and social values, language use, nonverbal communication, conflict resolution, and romance. Fulfills cultural literacy requirement within the AAOT degree. Prerequisites: COMM100, COMM111, or COMM218 

COMM270 (3 credits)
Argumentation and Debate

Encourages students to analyze, respond to, and refute the arguments of others while backing their own claims with solid logic and reasoning. Public speaking skills are stressed and required as part of this course. Prerequisites: COMM100 or COMM111.

COMM280 (variable credits)
Cooperative Work Experience / Communication

Cooperative education is a supervised program of on-the-job training for college credit in a Communication related area. Students are placed in a related industry, business, agency or organization which has been approved by the College as having the interest, personnel and resources to serve as a training center. The goal of cooperative education is to provide a learning experience which enriches and strengthens the student's education, personal development, and vocational preparation. It joins educators and employers in developing the community's greatest asset - its human resources. Prerequisite: CWE courses require prior arrangements with faculty or the Department Chair.

COMM299 (variable credits)
Special Studies: Communication

Covers a specialized area of communication in a given area of communication such as interpersonal, mass media, or organizational communication. Prerequisite(s): Varies by course

2022-23 RCC Catalog