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2022-23 RCC Catalog

CG-Career Guidance

Lower Division Collegiate

CG100 (2 credits)
College Success and Survival
Introduces students to aspects of academic success centering on strategies for discipline-specific and delivery-specific study habits, RCC resources and tools. This class will also focus on achieving positive outcomes in the academic environment by using the frameworks of teaching and learning style interactions, college systems understanding, and positive behavior and communication skills. Helps students make personal and social adjustments for college success. Focuses on college terms and information; Academic Major focus, degree choice and requirements, balancing work, school and home demands; financial planning; forming study partnerships; and stress and time management.
CG105 (1 credit)
Finding the Money: Scholarship Essay Writing
Teaches students to write effective scholarship essays and develop their own personal essays from initial draft to final essay format. This class explores resources for funding college education, and strategies for effective research via the Internet. Prerequisite: RD90 or WR91 or designated placement score. Corequisite: BT113 or WR115 or designated placement score.
CG111 (1 credit)
Study Skills for Math Success
Provides students information, techniques, strategies and skills helpful in becoming more efficient in time management, studying, listening, note-taking, exams, and stress reduction. Addresses basic principles of the psychology of learning, and assists in creating positive tools toward successful math completion. Corequisite: Concurrent enrollment in a math class.
CG114 (1 credit)
Financial Survival for College Students
Provides students with general information and strategies on making fiscally wise choices for their education and future. Corequisite: RD90.
CG140 (3 credits)
Career Development
Provides tools needed to make an informed career decision and set educational goals. The course includes self-assessment tools, career exploration options, guest speakers and field trips. Use of the RCC website and Career Pathways roadmaps are included. Prerequisites: RD90 and WR90 (WR91 substitutes for both RD90 and WR90) or designated placement scores.

CG147 (1 credit)
Decision Making

Develops an awareness of decision-making styles and encourages the practice of different decision-making styles to make effective educational and career choices.

CG150 (3 credits)
Exploring Careers in Science and Technology

Explores the fields of automotive and diesel, building construction and computer literacy. Investigates diverse subjects including high technology and the trades; and explores the dynamic changing roles of men and women in the workplace.

CG155 (3 credits)
Exploring Careers in Health Care

Introduces students to a comprehensive range of professions in health care. Students will explore career choices including educational requirements, job outlooks, occupational requirements, wage ranges, and professional requirements. Students will also explore some of the current issues and potential ethical dilemmas that health care professionals face. In addition, students will complete self-assessments in the Oregon Career Information System (CIS) to help determine which health careers are a good match for their interests and skills. Prerequisite: RD90 or WR91 or designated placement score. Corequisite: BT113 or WR115 or designated placement score. Recommended prerequisite: CIS120.

CG199 (variable credits)
Special Studies: Career Guidance

Presents special topics in Human Development/Career Guidance. Content varies according to department/institution needs and demand.

CG213 (3 credits)
Improving Parent-Child Relationships

Flexibly designed to meet parents’ varying needs and schedules. Presents a coherent approach to positive parenting. Specific parent-child interactions are analyzed, and practical steps for effective interaction are identified. Prerequisite: WR115 or BT113 or designated placement score. Recommended prerequisite: CIS120.

2022-23 RCC Catalog