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Sheet Metal Worker

sheet metal manufacturing plantTrade Coordinator: Andie Anderson

Open Announcements for Applications

Date of Notice: March 4, 2024

  • Open announcements will be made available to the public 30 days before applications are accepted.
  • Information will be released, at least, semiannually.

Reminders and Next Steps

  • Applications can be picked up from the opening date until the closing date, they are not available outside of that window of time.
  • Applications can be picked up at a specific place and at a set time and day during the open application period.
  • Applications will need to be completed and have copies of all required minimum qualifications met attached.
  • After the closing date for the application process, all applicants that have met minimum qualification.
  • Completed applications that meet minimum requirements will be placed in a lottery for ranking in pool of eligible applicants.
  • It is at this point that an applicant will receive a letter where they placed on the list, or reasons as to why they may not have made it on the list.

The Training Program

  • See what courses are needed to complete a Sheet Metal Apprenticeship at RCC on our Program Maps:
  • The total amount of on-the-job training hours are 7,200
    • 2,150 in Fabrication and Assembly
    • 3,150 in Installation and/or Erection
    • 900 in Layout
    • And, 1,000 miscellaneous hours
  • 189 hours of related classroom training is required every year an apprentice is registered in the program
  • Some courses include:
    • Shop Math
    • Blueprint Reading/Sketching
    • Duct Design
    • Welding
    • Among others

Minimum Requirements:

  • 18 years or older
  • High School Diploma or GED®
  • Completion of one year of high school algebra/integrated math 2 or equivalent post high school algebra course(s) with grade “C” or better, or an equivalent post high school placement test or NCRC (National Career Readiness Certificate) with a score or higher on each of the following assessments:
    • Applied mathematics
    • Reading for information
    • Locating information

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