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RCC College Now for High School Students

Welcome High School Students!

Thank you for your interest in taking College Now courses with RCC. We are excited to have you join RCC as a student! Imagine graduating from high school with a college Certificate or with core college courses on your college transcript. By taking college courses while still in high school, you will save both money and time!

You probably have questions on how this works, and we have put together answers to the questions we get most often. Please read through each of the sections below (each section is very short) to gain a better understanding of what to expect in the College Now experience.

Wondering what courses are available at each high school? Click below to choose a high school- a table will load that shows what courses are available and who teaches the course at each high school. Students need to enroll in the course with the listed high school teacher to earn college credit.

Jackson County High Schools


Jospehine County High Schools


Out of Area Schools


High school students are encouraged to take college courses to complete a certificate or plan of study rather than courses at random. In this manner, students leave high school not only with a high school diploma but also with college courses that will apply to further education and can also be listed on a resume right away.

Six High School Entry Points

Six guided pathways have been identified by RCC as ideal avenues for high school students in southern Oregon:

  1. Applied Technology
  2. Arts/Humanities/Communication
  3. Business
  4. Health Professions/Public Safety
  5. Science/Technology/Engineering/Math (STEM)
  6. Social and Behavioral Sciences/Education

Why Guided Pathways?

Clear pathways to guide students. Every RCC program has a “map” or course list on the RCC website. These maps show which courses are required to complete a program or qualify for transfer and how long it will take.

Help students choose. Advisors help new students explore programs, job prospects and wages. They make complete academic plans. Undecided students can still narrow their path by choosing from groups of majors that are in their interests. High school counselors can also help high school students with program exploration.

Keeps students on a path. Both students and advisors can see the plan and keep track of progress. If students get off track or have trouble in a course, an early alert system gets the advisors’ attention. This way, they can steer students toward help.

Make sure students are learning. Programs are built around a logical set of learning outcomes, rather than as a list of courses. Program learning outcomes match skills needed for success in further education or employment in a related field.

Other program options are available. See all of RCC's Certificates and Programs.

Glad you asked! There is a handbook that you are responsible for reading. This handbook has useful information and will be your “go to” place when you have a question regarding College Now. Almost everything you can think of is in this handbook. It also has contact information, so you reach out to the correct person at RCC. Click the link for the College Now Handbook.

Yes! RCC has many policies and procedures that students should be familiar with. These are in place even though the RCC class is offered at your high school. All the policies and procedures are important, and linked below (click on the name) are some that may have a direct impact on College Now students.

The courses that are offered for college credit are sufficiently similar to enable the student to be described as “taking a course” from the postsecondary institution. There are time limits that will be met, there are course learning outcomes to meet, and there are exams and final projects in most courses that will have to completed.

All students will receive a syllabus at the start of the class. The syllabus tells students how many credits will be earned, what the course learning outcomes for the course are, and what content will be taught in the course.

There is also an evaluation to complete at the end of the course. This evaluation will be found at a link that the teacher will email to you. The evaluation does not ask how the teacher did, but on processes that were experienced while taking a College Now class.

It is important that students carefully select the courses that they sign up for to earn college credit. Class choices should be intentional. This means that those courses can be used towards a certificate or degree at a community college or university. Even though the credits do not have a cost to them, they do “count” against federal financial aid availability. Also, ensure that when completing the course that a good grade is being earned. Bad grades, including a W grade, may impact financial aid eligibility when enrolling as a full-time student at a community college or university.

Information about financial aid and the impact grades may have –

Prerequisites are courses that need to be completed before being able to take another class. For instance, WR115 is a prerequisite for WR121. Students will need to take WR115, or an equivalent class at their high school, before they are able to register for WR121.

Information on prerequisites and the placement process can be found at the link. It is important to understand these processes.

Where can I check my registration?

Students should always check to ensure that registration processed all the way through and that they are signed up for college credit. This is an additional step to take, but a very important one!

  1. Log into myRogue
  2. Find, and click on, Printable Student’s Schedule
  3. Verify that the class is listed
    1. If the class is not listed, registration was not completed
  4. Go back to the start of the registration and complete the steps to register
  5. Click the link for full instructions on how to register using a permission code.

Grades are available to be reviewed when the RCC term that the class follows ends. Check the RCC Academic Calendar for registration/withdraw/grade dates. A student will log into their myRogue account and click on “Report Card.” If they want to review the courses that they have taken and the grades received, click on “Unofficial Transcript” located in the Student Accounts and Records area. This will load all courses /grades into one document.

To order a transcript, either for themselves or to be sent to another college or university, after logging into their myRogue account, click on “Order Official Transcripts” under Student Accounts and Records. Complete the form, enter payment type, and click “send” to send the form to RCC’s Registrar’s office.

I am ready to get started at RCC!

Registering for a class at RCC is a four-part process:

  1. Apply for admission to RCC (no cost)
  2. Receive email verification with the RCC ID#
  3. Register for class using a permission code from your teacher
  4. Verify registration is complete by reviewing student schedule

First step to start is to apply for admission to RCC.

*If a student has taken Drivers Education with RCC, they already have an RCC ID# and do not need to apply again. Parent/guardian created an account with an email address attached to it and a student will need that information to access myRogue.

Please use a personal email address (NOT a school email address) and make sure there is access to the inbox because the RCC ID# will be sent to that email address. RCC sends follow-up emails using the personal email address that is entered, and an email will be received from RCC within a few minutes with the RCC ID#. The last screen in the application process may also show the RCC ID#.

Once the admission application is completed and an RCC ID# is received, registration for a College Now class can take place. Each class has a separate permission code that will be used to register. The teacher will give students the code during open registration. To register with a permission code, follow these steps: How to register using a permission code. Don’t forget to check to make sure the registration went through by checking the Printable Student Schedule!