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RCC College Now for High School Students

Welcome High School Liaisons and Counselors!

We are glad that you offer support to the high school teachers and students in the College Now program. You are a very important person in this program! Below are some of the things that you may help with:

  • Ensuring teachers have the current report with RCC ID#’s for their students (reports are uploaded to a RCC SharePoint site that you will have access to).
  • Being a go-between for some College Now teachers and RCC. Sometimes teachers run out of hours in the day and do not have the time to email their questions to the College Now Program Coordinator.
  • Guiding students through the application and/or registration process at RCC.
  • Ensuring that teachers are reading and responding to emails that come from the College Now office.
  • Attending College Now meetings.

Reports are loaded to the SharePoint site for access.

  • RCCID# reports are uploaded about six weeks before the RCC term starts. If you need this report sooner than that, please let Rachel Ostroskie know and she will upload one for you ([email protected]).
  • Grade reports are uploaded after the RCC term ends. We cannot run a report of grades until the RCC Registrar has verified all grades.
  • Accessing the RCC Academic Calendar for a better understanding of RCC due dates and deadlines is helpful to ensure students are meeting these timelines. Click the link to find the RCC Academic Calendar.

Oftentimes students don’t realize that they will need to keep their username and password handy so they can register for a course, check their grades, and check their transcript. RCC encourages students to keep their username and password in a safe place- sometimes students will take a picture of the information and keep the picture in a hidden file in their phone.

If a student doesn’t remember their password, they can click on the “forgot password” link under the log in box in myRogue. The student will need to check their email within 24 hours to access a password that will be emailed to them.

If a student has forgotten their username, they will send an email to [email protected]. They should include their RCCID# in the email so RCC staff will be able to find the correct information.

When registration is open, College Now teachers will email students a link to a Google Form that needs to be completed. This form has information that students must know before taking a College Now class. Once they answer the questions and get to the bottom of the form, they will find the permission code they need to register for the course.

The dates that are given to the College Now teachers and that are in the Google Form the students complete, are the deadlines that RCC has for courses. These deadlines must be met for any course offering college credit.

  • If a student misses the deadline to add a course, they will not be able to earn college credit.
  • If they miss a deadline to drop a course, they will have to withdraw from the course before the 8th week of the RCC term. Their transcript will show a W for the course.
  • If they miss the withdraw date, students will have to take the grade earned in the class (even if it is a D or F).

If a student moves during the year and doesn’t withdraw from the course, the teacher can reach out to the College Now office at RCC to inform them of the student status. If no contact is made regarding the student, they will be assigned an F grade.