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Guided Pathways at RCC

Social and Behavioral Science/Education

Helpers, counselors and teachers for young and old apply here.

Financial Aid Advisor: Lyndsay Tarrant | 541-956-7396
Academic and Career Coach: Ginny Brech | 541-956-7298

Social and Behavioral Science/Education pathway

RCC departments in the Social and Behavioral Science/Education Pathway

Clubs in the Social and Behavioral Science/Education Pathway

Click on a degree or certificate below to view all the courses required to complete each program, and what term(s) to take them in.

$ Denotes a program that is Financial Aid Eligible.

AAOT - Elementary Education $ AAOT - History Interest $ AAOT - Psychology Interest $ AAOT - Sociology/Social Work Interest $
AAS - Early Childhood Education $ AAS - Family Support Services $ AAS - Human Services $ AS - Early Childhood Development transfer to SOU $
AS - Education Studies transfer to SOU $ AS - Human Services transfer to SOU $ C - Addiction Studies $ C - Early Childhood Education $
C - Family Support Services $ CPC - Early Childhood Education (Basic) CPC - Early Childhood Education (Intermediate) $ CPC - Family Support Services $
FA - Sustainable Community Development Award  

MTM - Major Transfer Map
AAOT - Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer (2-year degree)
AAS - Associate of Applied Science Degree (2-year degree)
AGS - Associate of General Studies (2-year degree)
AS - Associate of Science (2-year degree)
ASOT - Associate of Science Oregon Transfer (2-year degree)
C - Certificate (1-year)
CPC - Career Pathway Certificate
FA - Focus Award