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Training Needs

Step 1: Needs Analysis

RCC’s customized training is built to meet your desires as an employer or business owner. We help you assess your training needs and develop a training event that will meet your work schedule and

Training Needs
skill improvement objectives. We use a variety of methods to assess your company's needs such as:

  • Business or organization surveys
  • Business or organization tours
  • Management/employee interviews
  • Employee skills assessments

Once your skill improvement needs have been determined, we can help you develop a cost-effective training plan through our customized education services.

Step 2: Curriculum Development

We will work with your staff to develop curriculum and delivery methods that meet the requirements of your organization. We pride ourselves on finding instructors with industry experience that can best understand your business or organizational environment.

Step 3: Convenient Training Delivery

We will create training venues that meet your timeline, schedule and preferred location. We can deliver training in a classroom environment, onsite or online.

Workforce Training:
Table Rock: 800-460-6766 or 541-245-7900 Fax: 541-245-7955
Riverside Campus: 541-245-7616 Fax: 541-245-7588
Redwood Campus: 541-956-7116 Fax: 541-471-3549