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Grade Appeal Process

Per AP5999 Student Rights, Freedom and Responsibilities students are protected against improper academic evaluation. Academic evaluation of student performance by instructors shall be based on academic performance and under no circumstances be prejudicial or capricious. At the same time, students are responsible for maintaining the standards of academic performance established by instructors for the courses in which they have enrolled.

Each instructor shall give students clearly stated written criteria for evaluation. To appeal an academic evaluation (grade) within the past year (four academic terms), a student may:

  1. Start the process by discussing the grade method in question with the instructor.
  2. If a student is not satisfied with the outcome of their discussion with the instructor, they may appeal the decision to the Department Chair.
  3. If a student believes further appeal is warranted they may appeal a Department Chair's decision to the Dean, of the area where the instructor’s program resides.
  4. If a student is not satisfied with the Dean's decision, an appeal may be made to the Vice President of Student Learning and Success. Any decision made by the Vice President of Student Learning and Success is final.