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Disclosure Statements

Social Security Number:

Oregon Administrative Rule 589-004-0400 authorizes Rogue Community College to ask you to provide your Social Security number.  The number will be used by the college for reporting, research, recordkeeping, extending credit, and collecting debts.  Your number will also be provided by the college to the Higher Education Coordinating Commission (HECC), which is the single state entity responsible for ensuring pathways to higher educational success for Oregonians statewide, and serves as a convener of the groups and institutions working across the public and private higher education arena. HECC gathers information about students and programs to meet state and federal reporting requirements.  Release is made under the authority of ORS 341.290(17). It also helps colleges plan, research, and develop programs.  This information helps the colleges to support the progress of students and their success in the workplace and other education programs.

OCCURS or the college may provide your Social Security number to the following agencies or match it with records from the following systems:

  • State and private universities, colleges, and vocational schools to find out how many community college students go on with their education and to find out whether community college courses are a good basis for further education;
  • The Shared Information System to gather information to help state and local agencies plan education and training services to help Oregon citizens get the best jobs available;
  • The Office of Professional Technical Education Management Information System to provide reports to state and federal governments.  The information is used to learn about education, training, and job market trends for planning, research, and program improvement.  Funding for community colleges is based on this information.
  • The Oregon Department of Revenue and collection agencies, only for purposes of processing debts and only if credit is extended to you by the college.
  • The American college Testing Service if you take the Asset Placement test for educational research purposes.
  • The IRS for the purpose of Hope Scholarship and Life Long learning tax credit.

Your number will be used only for the purposes listed above.  State and federal law protects the privacy of your records.

Discrimination Disclosure

In compliance with state and federal laws, Rogue Community College does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, age, gender or disability in employment, or in any of its educational programs, or in the provision of benefits and services to student.

De acuerdo con la ley estatal y federal, Rogue Community College no descrimina sobre la base de raza, religion, color, origen nacional, edad, género, o disabilidad causada por el empleo, o en ninguno de sus programas educacionales, o en la provisiĆ³n de beneficios y servicios para los estudiantes.

Juliet Long
VP of Student Learning and Success (ALO, CAO, CSSO)