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Access and Disability Resources

Request for Social Distancing in the Classroom

Given the updated guidance from OHA, social distancing will no longer be required on June 30, 2021 or once Oregon reaches a 70% vaccination rate, whichever occurs first.

Classroom/space capacity will return to full capacity at that point. If a student feels that they need to continue to social distance while at RCC, they are encouraged to complete the Social Distancing Request Form.

Welcome to Access and Disability Resources!

New to Access and Disability Resources? We’re here to help!

RCC offers in-person and online classes, whichever you choose you are entitled to full access. If you are a continuing student, accommodations might look different or in some cases may not be necessary, but you should expect full access in Blackboard (Bb), Zoom, and the classroom. Please select a button below that addresses your situation.

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Access and Disability Resources is an academic support program that helps to provide equal access to educational opportunities for students with disabilities. We collaborate with students, faculty, staff and community members to create usable, inclusive and sustainable learning environments.  The program strives to increase awareness and acceptance of those with disabilities in support of RCC's commitment to enhancing each learner's potential and success. RCC recognizes disability as an aspect of diversity that is integral to the campus community and society as a whole.

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