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Third party information may not be necessary to confirm disability or evaluate requests for accommodations when a condition or its impacts are readily apparent or comprehensively described.

When there is not adequate information to make a decision on accommodations, additional documentation that is specifically tailored to a functional limitation will be requested.

If third party documentation is required, Access and Disability Resources will have you sign a release to request documentation from a third party. If accommodations are put in place while we are waiting to receive documentation, they will be considered temporary. Temporary accommodations will be in effect for one (1) term, until documentation is received.

Access and Disability Resources will make three (3) attempts at obtaining your documentation. After the third attempt, Access and Disability Resources will contact you to inform you that the final attempt has been made. It is now your responsibility to obtain documentation.

Accommodations made active on a temporary basis will expire the following term if documentation is not received.

How can I obtain documentation?

Documentation can be requested from providers, such as:

  • Health care providers
  • High school/College records
  • Mental health care providers
  • Veterans Administration
  • Vocational Rehabilitation

You may give your provider(s) a Access and Disability Resources Verification form or provide Access and Disability Resources with copies of medical records, evaluations, or diagnostic reports.

Check with your health care provider(s) to see if they offer medical record access online. Current providers include:

Grants Pass Clinic - FollowMyHealth
Asante® - MyChart®
La Clinica - MyChart®
Providence Medford Medical Center - MyChart®

For Veterans

Current Ratings Information: EBenefits
Medical Chart Information: MyHealtheVet

Where is the documentation kept?

Documentation is stored as an electronic file in Access and Disability Resources and is not part of your academic record.