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Academic Accommodations

Academic accommodations are available for eligible students at Rogue Community College to ensure that students with disabilities participate fully in academic and student life. Academic accommodations can be defined as any adjustment or modification which will provide a student with a disability equal access to the educational and co-curricular process without compromising essential components of the curriculum. Academic accommodations are determined individually, based on the student's documentation.

Adaptive Technology

Adaptive technology is available to students with qualifying disabilities for classroom or lab use. Some examples of available options include assistive listening devices, closed circuit TV, digital voice recorders, and computer software options such as JAWS and Dragon Naturally Speaking. Contact the Disability Services staff about the technology options that may work for you.

Note Taking Services

Note takers are available for eligible students in order to provide access to classroom lectures through quality written class notes.

Alternative to Text

Disability Services offers alternate to text format services to students with print disabilities. This means that you may be eligible to receive your textbooks on CD as an audio file or PDF file which are provided by RCC Disability Services and Recordings for the Blind and Dyslexic. Disability Services has a limited number of CD players available to loan to eligible students on a first-come-first-serve basis. Students with a visual disability may be eligible for a free player on loan from the Oregon State Library's Talking Book and Braille Services. Contact the Oregon State Library for an application or for more information. Books on CD requests should be submitted a minimum of four weeks prior to your need.

Testing Accommodations

A student with a disability may need to use an alternative test proctor, such as a reader and/or scribe, during some tests. A scribe is an appropriate accommodation for individuals who have difficulty writing as a result of some type of visual, physical or specific learning disability. A reader for tests may be necessary due to various disabilities, including visual or perceptual conditions. Students who receive a testing accommodation may be eligible for any of the following:

  • Scribe (someone to write for you)
  • Reader
  • Word Processor or Computer Access
  • Extended time (time-and-a-half, double-time, etc.)
  • Distraction Free Testing Location
  • Earplugs

Sign Language Interpreters

Sign language interpreters are available to assist Deaf or HOH students in both credit and non-credit college courses and related activities such as instructor conferences and meetings with other college staff.