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Transition from High School to College

Checklist: During high school before transitioning to RCC

  1. I am taking high school courses that will get me into college.
  2. I am attending my Individual Education Plan (IEP) meetings.
  3. I have discussed my psycho-educational assessment with my school psychologist, counselor, special education teacher, and my parents.
  4. I can describe my disability in detail.
  5. I know the kinds of accommodations that will provide me with an equal opportunity to succeed in college.
  6. At the time I apply to college, my psycho-educational assessment will be less than three years old.
  7. My reading and writing skills, with or without accommodations, are at qualifying levels. (Generally expected to be 6th grade or above).
  8. I have improved my study skills.
  9. I am taking on more difficult tasks without the help of my teachers or parents.
  10. I have an appointment with the RCC Disability Services Staff to find out what services are offered at the college.
  11. I have learned about the college placement test and have discussed what accommodations I may need with the Disability Services Staff.
  12. I have visited Rogue Community College.

Checklist: When You Are Enrolled In College

  1. I have met with the Disability Services Staff to discuss my courses and whether or not I need accommodations.
  2. I am taking the advice of the Disability Services Staff and I am following through with their recommendations.
  3. Where recommended, I have asked the Disability Services Office to write letters to my instructors requesting specific academic accommodations for equal access.
  4. I have talked to my instructors about the accommodations I need for their courses.
  5. I have developed a strong support network with whom I can share my successes and frustrations.
  6. I am using a daily/weekly/monthly planner to keep well organized.
  7. I have a place to study that is suitable to my learning style and I am using this location on a consistent basis.
  8. I have learned how to use the college library.
  9. I have located the free tutoring services on campus.
  10. I am using the special equipment or devices necessary for my success.
  11. I am studying, on average, for two to four hours daily. I am watching my progress closely. If I become overwhelmed by my course load, I am prepared to take fewer courses.