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Financial Aid

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Financial Aid Student Budget

The following student budget (estimated Cost of Attendance or "COA") is based on average, full-time enrollment for three terms during the summer-spring academic year. Your actual COA is determined by our Financial Aid Office and depends on your exact enrollment each term. The budget includes:

  • Tuition and Fees: RCC's per-credit tuition rate is set annually by RCC's Board of Education. Average full-time enrolment is 13 credits per term. Standard College Services and technology fees are based on enrollment level.
  • Books and Supplies: An estimate of average costs for required texts/supplies. (Click here for ways to save money on books & supplies.)
  • Housing & Food: An estimate of average shelter/food costs based on double occupancy and off-campus housing.
  • Personal and Transportation: An estimate of possible expenses for personal items, clothing, recreation and travel.
  • Loan Fees: Covers a portion of the fee for all loan recipients (only added to those students that are receiving federal student loans from RCC).

Budget Components 2023-24

Tuition* & Fees $5,616
Books & Supplies $1,575
Housing & Food $14,619
Transportation $1,884
Miscellaneous/Personal $1,773
Total $25,467

*In-state tuition available to Oregon, California, Idaho, Nevada, or Washington residents. Residents of other states are charged higher out-of-state rates.

A standard budget does not always reflect the needs of all students. If you have extra expenses related to a computer purchase (needed for school), out of pocket medical/dental costs or supplies/materials for your particular program, review the Financial Aid Revision Request Form and reach out to your FinAid Advisor if you have questions. Even when an increased budget is approved, it does not necessarily lead to additional aid eligibility.