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Associated Student Government

ASGRCC Clubs and Organizations and Guided Pathways Connection

The Associated Student Government of Rogue Community College (ASGRCC) works to serve students through clubs and student engagement. ASGRCC works to connect existing clubs with RCC Guided Pathways and encourages RCC students to charter new clubs based on student interests. ASGRCC is intentional about providing access to resources for students, and clubs are a primary avenue for students to access college resources and unite students together for the common goal of creating a safe, successful, and welcoming educational environment.

What are the benefits of joining or creating a club?

  • Have fun
  • Build your resume.
  • Unite with students, staff, and community members with common interests.
  • Receive support on projects.
  • Work towards your career goals.
  • Obtain real world experience within your career path.
  • Community Service Projects.
  • Access to financial and physical resources.
  • Gain leadership skills.
  • Take your learning experience outside of the classroom.
  • Develop social and communication skills.
  • Collaboration with other clubs, RCC staff and faculty, and community members.
  • Visibility in the college community.
  • Enhance and use your student voice to enact change.
  • Raise awareness of student needs.
  • Be involved with your college community.

If you are interested in getting involved with any clubs or organizations or starting one of your own, please contact the ASGRCC Faculty Advisor, Chelsea Daugherty [email protected]

Click below for important Club Forms
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Event Planning RequestClub Meeting Room Request

Clubs Across All Campuses

alpha zeta pi
Alpha Zeta Pi
The purpose of Alpha Zeta Pi at Rogue Community College shall be the promotion of scholarship, the development of leadership, service, and the cultivation of fellowship among qualified students at Rogue Community College.
Advisor: Nicole Kieffer, [email protected]

LatinX Club
The Latino/x Club provides a safe environment for Latinx students and their allies to connect, network and spread cultural awareness throughout RCC and in the community. Latino/x Club works closely with Latino Services to motivate Latinx students to pursue higher education.
Advisor: Ailym Pinero, [email protected]

Ospreys Society
Ospreys Society
Ospreys Society is a student club that is dedicated to improving and supporting student life and community engagement on the RCC campuses. Through meet ups, activities, events, food, and friends we hope to improve the RCC campus culture.
Advisor: Darren Van Lehn, [email protected]
Student Leader (President): Melgar Martich

Student Veterans Club
Student Veteran’s Organization (SVO)
Student Veterans Organization is here to support members of RCC who are veterans and those who are dependent on veterans. We host events from May the fourth be with you to pizza gatherings throughout the year. We look forward to meeting and supporting those who have sacrificed for our country. Thank you for your service!
Advisor: Michael McClure, [email protected]
Student Leader (President): Mia Cossio

Ossie's Cupboard
Ossie’s Cupboard Club
Ossie's Cupboard is a free food pantry and hygiene supply service at Redwood (Grants Pass) and Table Rock Campuses (White City). Ossie's Cupboard partners with the Oregon Food Bank, the RCC Foundation, and community partners to provide healthy food and hygiene products to all students and staff at RCC. The team at Ossie’s Cupboard realize that people struggle with food insecurities. Our goal is to provide access to nutritional foods and hygiene at no cost.
Advisor: Sara Bartley, [email protected] and Rene McKenzie, [email protected]
Student Leader (President): Aries Pickens
Pathway: Social & Behavioral Science/Education

Redwood Campus Clubs

Chess Club
The purpose of this club is to foster a sense of sportsmanship while encouraging cooperation and nurturing critical thinking skills, while providing a fun and competitive atmosphere.
Advisor: Abraham Reyes, [email protected]
Student Leaders (President): Nehemiah Wilson

Redwood Chess Club Riverside Chess Club

Rainbow Club Rainbow Club
RCC’s Rainbow Club’s mission is to create an inclusive environment for all! Especially geared to those who are members or allies of the LGBTQIA+ community, we hope to create a safe space where students can connect with other individuals in their community on campus!
Advisor: Mary Middleton, [email protected]
Student Leader (President): Franklin Finn
Pathway: Art, Humanities, Communication

Anime Club
This club currently needs a club leader! Do you like anime? Do you want to watch anime movies on a big screen and get free snacks/food? Enjoy events with prizes? Do you want to make friends that also like anime? You don’t know what anime is but want to learn about it? If you answered yes, to one or more of those questions, we’d love to support you in taking on a leadership role of this club. Please contact [email protected] to find out more!
Advisor: Jeremy Taylor, [email protected]
Student Leader (President): Vacant.

Nintendo Switch Gamers Nintendo Switch Gamers Club
Our club is focused mainly on Smash Bros and Splatoon 3 and/or 2. You drop in and play some games during course breaks or even just to chill. Even if you don’t have a switch, we got you covered. We have two tv setups (with GameCube adapters) and we encourage those who have switches to bring them to play games like Splatoon locally. And if you don’t know how to play Smash or Splatoon, we can help you to learn how to play. Apart from Smash and Splatoon, we even have other games like Mario Kart, Mario Party and more. We also have a dedicated discord server where we post updates and get feedback. It’s also a perfect place to meet new faces and relax during the stresses of college. We accept and invite all gamers of any skill level to come and join.
Advisor: Jeremy Taylor, [email protected]
Student Leader (President): Levi Cubit and Caleb Andrews
ossie's closet Ossie's Closet
Ossie’s Closet is a free clothing resource for the RCC community. At the moment, Ossie’s Closet is hosting pop-up closets that will be announced by flyers around campus.
Advisor: Pamela Green, [email protected]
Student Leader (President): Adria Slaughter
Pathway: Social and Behavioral Science/Education

Rogue Community Chorus
The purpose of the Rogue Chorus is to engage students and provide the platform for those interested in chorus activities.
Advisor: Jodie Fulton, [email protected]
Pathway: Art, Humanities, Communications

Riverside Campus Clubs

music Club Music Club
Music club provides a place for students (whether they are music major or non-music major) and music lovers in the community to come together and have a good time through activities involving music. It provides opportunities for the members to make, discuss, and share music. Through their weekly or monthly activities, members foster and share the joy of music.
Advisor: Chiharu Sai, [email protected]
Student Leader (President): Patrick Fry
Pathway: Art, Humanities, Communications

meditation ClubMeditation Club
The Meditation Club meets every week, mostly on Monday and Wednesday.
New to Meditation? Meditation Club offers an intro to meditation, starting points to meditation, a place to sit in silence, and discussion opportunities every Monday.

Experienced in Meditation? Wednesdays will be an opportunity to dive more deeply into a meditative practice with advanced meditation discussions followed by sitting in silence (typically 20-30 minutes), and an opportunity share any reflections after the meditation.

The main idea behind the club is to provide participants with the following:
Meditation offers participants a place to quiet and slow their mind in the face of busy lives, a time to get in touch with their senses and be in the body, an opportunity to be present and in the now, and a time to focus inwardly on present moment experiences.
Advisor: Brandon Atkins, [email protected]
Student Leader (President): Eden Walker
Pathway: Social & Behavioral Science/Education

Rogue Engineers

rogue Engineers

Design, fabricate & operate! Rogue Engineers specializes in robotics, electronics, architecture, machining, 3-D printing, competitive engineering, breaking things and building them back up again!
Advisor: Dusty Rittenbach, [email protected]
Pathway: Science, Technology, Engineering, Math

Earth Club
Our club’s purpose is to provide a group at RCC to welcome and engage students whose passion is the environment and conservation.
Advisors: Dorothy Swain, [email protected] and Marissa Shepherd, [email protected]
Student Leader (President): Nicole Thull
Pathway: Science, Technology, Engineering, Math

R.E.A.C.H. creates an inclusive safe space for students to collaborate, create and facilitate goal achievement. We rely on each other for ideas, accountability, and support to achieve any and every type of goal!
Advisor: Christina Wooten, [email protected]
Student Leader (President): Tiffany Hyde

Education Club

The club’s purpose is to provide students with an engaging platform and group to learn, study, practice, perform, and celebrate, education and student development.
Advisor: Deborah Murphy, [email protected]
Student Leader (President): Chad Free
Pathway: Social & Behavioral Science/Education

Inactive Clubs

Student Firefighter’s Association
Description: The purpose of this organization is to give all student firefighters through Rogue Community College an opportunity to enhance their skills relative to the fire service and expand each individual's certifications in pursuance of a career.

Performing Arts Club
Engage in theatrical performances for the public. Build a sense of community among its members. Provide a safe and interactive space for anyone.

Illinois Valley Community Chorus
The purpose of the IVCC club is to establish a community choir consisting of mixed voices soprano, alto, tenor and bass (SATB). The choir is committed to operating for the enjoyment of its members and community.