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Guided Pathways at RCC

Why Guided Pathways

Make clear pathways to guide students. Every RCC program has a “map” or course list on the RCC website. These maps show which courses are required to complete a program or qualify for transfer and how long it will take.

Help students choose. Advisors help new students explore programs, job prospects and wages. They make complete academic plans. Undecided students can still narrow their path by |choosing from groups of majors that are in their interests. GED students may enroll sooner in college-level courses, including courses in their interest. This keeps them engaged in college.

Keeps students on a path. Both students and advisors can see the plan and keep track of progress. If students get off track or have trouble in a course, an early alert system gets the advisors’ attention. This way, they can steer students toward help. RCC works to remove barriers such as inconvenient schedules or cancelled classes.

Make sure students are learning. Programs are built around a logical set of learning outcomes, rather than as a list of courses. Program learning outcomes match skills needed for success in further education or employment in a related field.