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Spacer GED and Pre-College Education

GED® and Pre-College Education

Concurrent Enrollment Program

College + ESL or GED® Simultaneously

Take college courses with support while completing your GED® or studying English, and RCC will pay for them!

To be eligible, you must:

  • Be a current GED® & Pre-College Education student
  • Complete an interest form by the end of the 6th week of the term prior to the term in which you would like to take your college class(es)
  • Be recommended by your current PCE instructor based on classwork, attendance and participation
  • GED® students score "Likely to Pass" on the relevant GED® Ready Practice Test and pass at least two official GED® tests
  • ESL students score a 236 on the ESL CASAS and successfully complete a relevant PCE class in English with other English-speaking students
  • Not yet eligible to receive federal financial aid (FAFSA) at time of acceptance into the Concurrent Enrollment Program
  • Be approved for admission to our Concurrent Enrollment Program by our screening committee of lead instructors.

Once Admitted to our Concurrent Enrollment Program:

  • You will get to choose to take up to 8 credits worth of college courses. RCC will pay your college course tuition/fees and allow you to check-out required textbooks at the RCC library. You will only be responsible for the $65 PCE term fee. This is a savings of about $1,000!
  • You will take a support course with built-in tutoring and question-and-answer time that will complement your college course(s)
  • In certain circumstances, you will be allowed to bypass prerequisite courses to get ahead on your college certificate/degree
  • If you are interested in a short-term certificate program, such as Nursing Assistant 1 or a program in our Allied Health Occupations, we may be able to fund up to $600 of the program. Please reach out to Britta Walker with your plans, and options can be discussed.
  • STEP participants get priority registration, a stipend of up to $200 for purchasing required textbooks/materials and up to 4 additional college credits (up to 12 total) paid for by RCC.

Britta Walker, Concurrent Enrollment Program Coordinator

College Courses Offered Through Concurrent Enrollment Spring Term 2024

Pathway Courses*

applied Technology pathway

EET101 – Introduction to Electronics (3 credits)
MET101 – Mechanical Drafting (3 credits)
MET105 – Blueprint Reading - Mechanical (3 credits)
MET121 – Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) I: Mechanical (3 credits)
MFG101 – Introduction to Manufacturing (3 credits)
MTH63 – Applied Algebra I (4 credits)
WLD101 – Welding Fundamentals I (3 credits)

Business pathway

BA101 – Introduction to Business (4 credits)
BT101 – Human Relations in Organizations (3 credits)
BT113 – Business English (4 credits)

art, humanities, communication pathway

ART131 – Introduction to Drawing (Value) (3 credits)
CG100 – College Success and Survival (2 credits)
CG147 – Career Decision Making (1 credit)

health professions and public safety pathway

AH100 – Medical Terminology (3 credits)
BI100 – Biology of Human Body Systems (3 credits)
ES105 – Introduction to Emergency Services (4 credits)
HE252 – First Aid/CPR - Basic Life Support (3 credits)

social and behavioral science, education pathway

ECE125 – Early Childhood Development (3 credits)
HS145 – Stress Management - Healthy Living (1 credit)
PSY101 – Psychology of Human Relations (3 credits)

STEM pathway

CIS120 – Concepts in Computing I (2 credits)
MTH60 – Fundamentals of Algebra I (4 credits)
MTH63 – Applied Algebra I (4 credits)
MTH65 – Fundamentals of Algebra II (4 credits)
MTH95 – Intermediate Algebra (4 credits)
STAT243Z – Elementary Statistics I (4 credits) + STAT243R – Corequisite Support (1 credit)

*Please see the Schedule of Classes on our website for detailed course descriptions and meeting times/locations.

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