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Driver Education Resources

Practice Tests

If you're looking for a little more practice than what's given in the back of the DMV book, then this is the place for you. offer FREE DMV permit practice tests that cover everything you need to know to pass your test.  There are literally hundreds of questions available to test your knowledge in:

  • Fines and Limits
  • Signs and Situations
  • Road Signs
  • General knowledge rules and laws
  • T/F scenarios and more

Parents Matter in Driver Training

Parents are a crucial part of our driver training program.  We have found that teens who have a parent directly involved in the training process perform better in the classroom and on the road.  Here are a few resources for parents:

Helpful Coaching Tips
Three Ways Parents help with safety
Parent Guide for teen drivers
Risk factors for teens
10 things to know about teen driving

Rogue Community College Access and Disability Resources

Students who have an IEP or 504 plan in high school may qualify for academic accommodations through RCC Access. If you would like to request accommodation, please schedule an appointment with Access and provide a copy of the student’s IEP or documentation from a professional qualified to diagnose the student’s specific disability.