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Fiona Nevin

Fiona Nevin [email protected]

Born and raised in the Rogue Valley, Fiona is thrilled to be at RCC and investing in the community by helping students. Fiona graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Speech Communication from Oregon State University, with minors in Spanish, Philosophy, History, and Religious Studies. The relationships which she built there led to Fiona completing a Masters at Oregon State as well. Through the Interdisciplinary Studies program, Fiona majored in History of Technology, Relational Communication, and Speech Communication, while teaching Comm 111 for the University. 

Fiona, though new to RCC, is not new to helping others. Whether working as a tutor through college, volunteering with 4-H clubs, the Make-a-Wish program, or soup kitchen, she has always been passionate about making connections in her community.  After working as a Project Coordinator at a construction company based in Vancouver, Fiona decided that she wanted to help people build their futures rather than buildings. When not walking her dogs, trying new takeout food, or going on impromptu road trips, she can be found searching the internet for cheap plane tickets she will never buy.