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Student Military Responsibilities

Guidelines for Students receiving Military Educational Benefits:

  1. The Military student is responsibility to obtain official academic transcripts from all institutions that you have previously attended.
  2. RCC will only certify for two terms without having an evaluation of the above transcripts.
  3. The Military student must notify your Veterans Coordinator if you change your degree objective (college and/or degree).
  4. An evaluation of Prior Credits is required whenever you change your degree.
  5. Only classes that apply directly toward your degree may be certified to the VA.
  6. If you drop a class or take a class that does not apply to your degree, you will be responsible for a pay back to the Veterans Administration (VA) as an overpayment.
  7. Please report to your Military Coordinator any changes in your enrollment status.
  8. You must earn a 2.00 term grade point average (GPA) or you will be put on academic probation. Academic probation for three consecutive terms may be cause for suspension. (Satisfactory Academic Standing & Progress)
  9. Termination of VA benefits will result if:
    A.) You are academically suspended by the College; or
    B.) You complete three consecutive terms with a term GPA below 2.00.
  10. Withdrawing ("W") or completing a course with a "NP" or "Z" grade will be reported to VA by your Military Coordinator. This may cause an "overpayment" and require a payment back to VA
  11. The VA will not pay for self-paced courses, audits, repeats of successfully complete courses, incompletes, or credit by exam or "W" courses.
  12. All courses must run the full length of the term.
  13. Incomplete grades must be completed within one academic year or an overpayment may occur.
  14. Summer term is a non-standard term and 8 credits are considered as full time status with the VA. If you also receive financial aid from RCC, full-time status is 12 credits.