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Public Records

Guidelines for RCC Employees Receiving Public Records Requests

Compliance with the public records law is mandatory for all public bodies and their employees. If your office receives a public records request, please either forward it or direct the requester to the Online Request Form.

The request will be reviewed to determine if the requested materials are public records by law. We will then work with your office to develop an estimate of the time and cost to search for, gather, and provide the requested materials. The VP of Operations and Finance will confirm with you when and if your office should begin gathering materials, how to track time and expenses, how to get materials to the Operations and Finance Administrative Office, etc. The VP of Operations and Finance is also responsible for determining whether records or their contents are exempt or subject to redaction.

Every office on campus should be aware that Oregon law provides specific retention periods for various kinds of records.

Please note that a subpoena is not a public records request. If you are served with a subpoena, make a note of how and when you received it, retain all documents, and contact, the Custodian of Records at 541-956-7199 for educational records and the Risk Management Department at 541-956-7061 for all other subpoenas. The law provides strict timelines for responding to a subpoena.

See our FAQ page for more information on public records requests.