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Public Records Fees

Standard Copy/Scan Fees
Standard per page copy/scan fees include staff time to reproduce the records

B/W per side (any size)


Color per side (any size)


USB Drive


Supplemental Fees
Third party fees subject to change

Off-site Retrieval - Next Day

Current courier rates

Off-site Retrieval- Same Day

Current courier rates

Virtual File Transfer

(1) File $50.00

Certified Mail

$6.75 per ounce

Postage and shipping

Current postal rates

Request filled via email

No Charge

Supplemental Labor Fees
If your request requires more than 30 minutes or attorney review, additional labor fees may be charged

Administrative hourly fee


Professional hourly fee


Manager hourly fee


Attorney hourly fee


Data analysis and custom report generation


Fee Reductions or Waivers

Public Interest: The Rogue Community College may reduce or waive fees when fulfilling public records requests that benefit the interests of the community or society as a whole (ORS 192.324(5)). If you would like to apply for a fee waiver, please provide a statement that conveys how your request meets this requirement and thus justifies redirecting the public’s resources away from the College’s primary mission of education to absorb some or all of the cost of your request.

Exceptions: Public record requests made for commercial purposes are ineligible for fee reductions or waivers.

Simple Requests: Rogue Community College may waive the fee for fulfilling non-commercial, simple requests that clearly require less than 30 minutes of staff time. Because even straightforward requests incur administrative and institutional costs, typically no more than two fee waivers for such requests will be granted to any individual requestor within a calendar month.