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Credit for Prior Learning

As a working adult who is returning to college, you bring with you prior learning from a variety of sources: on the job, non-credit workshops, travel, personal interests, family, life experience, and volunteer responsibilities. At RCC you can receive college credit for life experience acquired outside of the traditional college setting.

Save time and money by applying your past experience toward a degree

You may be able to fulfill some elective, interdisciplinary and/or general education courses by going through the CPL process.

Experiential Credit Options

Make the most of your previous education and experience. RCC recognizes that adult students already have had a wide range of college-level learning experiences. As a result, we offer a number of innovative credit programs that make it possible for you to earn credit for your previous education, work experience, and learning outside the classroom.

Credit by Examination
Earn non-traditional credit for CLEP, DANTES and IB
There are limits on the awarding of non-traditional credit (includes DANTES, IB, CLEP, AP, Credit by Exam, and Military Training/Experience). Normally, a maximum of 24 non-traditional credits may be awarded toward any one-year certificate program and a maximum of 48 non-traditional credits toward any two-year degree. Non-traditional credits do not count toward the minimum number of credits that the college requires be completed at RCC toward certificate and degree requirements. Any exceptions to this policy must be approved by the appropriate department chair and the college's chief academic officer.

Military Training
You could earn college credit for your service.

Industry Certifications
Your professional certifications and training could translate into college credit.

Advanced Placement

Credit granted or eligibility for an advanced course based on having mastered the equivalent of an introductory course.