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RCC Commencement

RCC Honors Night

2022 42nd Annual Honors Night

April 22, 2022

The following students were recognized at Honors Night:

All-Oregon Academic Team — Megan Capp, Devin Ireland, Max Rodbell and Bryce Charles Shoppert

President’s Appreciation Award — Laura A. Quintero Antón

Outgoing ASG President — Isabella DeVlaeminck

ASG Leader RWC — Mia Cossio

ASG Leader RVC — Kaloa Mantilla Neukan

ASG Club Leader — Abraham Reyes, Latinx Club

TRIO SSS Achiever (RWC) — Carolina Gonzalez

TRIO SSS Achiever (RVC) — Lela Miatke

Student Employee (RVC) — Franco Melgar Martich

Student Employee (RWC) — Kelsey Carlson

Student Employee (TRC) — Sawyer Olson

Student Veteran (RWC) — Keaton Fournier

Student Veteran (TRC) — Gary Prewitt

Student Veteran (RVC) — Ricky L. France Jr.

Student-Athlete (Volleyball) — Devin Ireland

Student-Athlete (Men’s Soccer) — Josue Reyes

Social Science — Brina Collins and Holly Lee Smyth

Welding — Bryce Charles Schoppert and Iain Pangburn

Dental Assisting — David Reyes Garcia

Visual Arts and Design — Whitney Elizabeth Barnard

Electronics Technology — Steven Van Ert

Science — Nikolas Sorensen

Computer and Information Sciences — Jeovanni Mendez Valencia

Math — Sage Bushman and Benjamin Walter Davis

Early Childhood & Elementary Education — Rhonda R. Schock

Business Technology — Kristen S. Morales