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In addition to nationally and regionally benchmarked data on student success, Institutional Research, Effectiveness, and Planning (IREP) annually calculates student success indicators for planning and decision making purposes. These indicators provide greater granularity in examining challenges traditionally under-represented groups (such as people of color or low socioeconomic status) might face, and allow for more timely review of the data by key decision makers.

National and regional benchmarked data are often six months to a year behind in reporting.

The first set of student success indicators tracks a cohort of students entering college for the first time during fall term (the "first-time fall cohort"). For consistency, IREP uses a similar definition for their first-time fall cohort as is used in both Voluntary Framework of Accountability (VFA) reporting as well as Milestone and Momentum Point Key Performance Indicators tracked for Achieving the Dream. This definitional alignment allows for a deeper understanding of VFA outcome metrics' results.