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Spacer Diversity Programming Board at RCC

Diversity Programming Board

Diversity Programming Board

Mission, Goals, & Objectives

The mission of the Rogue Community College Diversity Programming Board is to enrich, support, and celebrate our diverse community by acting as a catalyst for inclusion, continuous learning, understanding, and acceptance through active engagement and facilitation of educational opportunities that challenge biases and deepen conversations.


  • Increase student and staff awareness and understanding of diversity issues at Rogue Community College campuses.
  • Provide leadership and guidance to support and honor the diversity of our region.
  • Support student initiated diversity activities.

Educational Objectives

  • Demonstrate leadership in working with cultural diversity as expressed in staff and students’ ethnic, social, and educational backgrounds.
  • Help students and staff to make cultural adjustments where necessary based on understanding the concerns of members of various racial, ethnic, social and cultural groups in order to foster a more inclusive and tolerant campus culture that will promote student retention.