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BP-2310 Regular Meetings of the Board of Education


ORS 341.283

Regular meetings of the Board of Education (Board) are typically held on the third Tuesday of each month. Regular meetings of the Board are normally held monthly on a rotational basis: 

Redwood Campus
Building H, Room 2
3345 Redwood Highway
Grants Pass, OR 97527

Table Rock Campus
Building A, Room-184
7800 Pacific Avenue
White City, OR 97503

Riverside Campus
Higher Education Center
Room 127/129 101 South Bartlett Street
Medford, OR 97501

Virtually via Zoom Webinar

Additional information regarding Board meetings can be found here:

Rescinds Policy Number: I.B.010 (partial), I.B.020 (partial), I.D.010

Adopted:  September 24, 2019

Revised: August 17, 2021
   August 15, 2022
   November 15, 2022