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RCC Strategic Plan

RCC's Strategic Plan


Rogue Community College enhances the quality of life in our communities by providing accessible, exemplary educational opportunities for student success and economic development.


Rogue Community College will be an inclusive and dynamic college that inspires, strengthens, and transforms.

Core Values

Integrity drives us as an institution and individuals to demonstrate clear communication, transparency, ethics, and accountability.

Collaboration promotes a communicative, agile, responsive culture that fosters vibrant, productive partnerships to benefit our students and strengthen our communities.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion create an accessible, welcoming, respectful and safe environment which engages all individuals, beliefs, and ideas fairly.

Sustainability guides us to be responsible and thoughtful stewards of our human, economic, environmental, and cultural resources.

Courage frees the institution and individuals to creatively pursue best practices supporting student success.

Wildly Important Goals: Core Themes

WIG 1: Equitable Access creates a welcoming and inclusive environment for all.

Objective 1: Improve community access to educational opportunities and support systems.

Objective 2: Foster greater participation of under-served populations in RCC programs.

Objective 3: Strengthen adaptable and responsive training and learning opportunities aimed at boosting student participation.

WIG 2: Student Success helps all students progress on their learning pathway.

Objective 4: Provide holistic resources and support to ensure students achieve their learning goals.

Objective 5: Employ effective student engagement strategies to increase student persistence.

Objective 6: Reduce the time and number of credits to completion of a credential.

WIG 3: Building Community strengthens and expands internal and external collaborative partnerships.

Objective 7: Expand comprehensive outreach with business and industry partners.

Objective 8: Foster advanced educational partnerships to enrich learning opportunities.

Objective 9: Enhance internal systems and communication practices for improved collaboration.

WIG 4: Institutional Excellence builds a campus culture of continuous improvement.

Objective 10: Utilize assessment and institutional data to optimize instruction, services, and operations in support of student success.

Objective 11: Increase participation in professional development programs that elevate teaching and learning, student success, and operational effectiveness.

Objective 12: Leverage existing, new, and emerging technologies to improve the student experience and operational efficiency.

WIG Objectives revised 9/20/2023