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Allied Health Occupations Application Instructions

Welcome to the Rogue Community College Allied Health Occupations program application.

You can get started on the application and prerequisites now. However, the application cannot be submitted until you have viewed an Allied Health Occupations Program Information Session where you will receive the needed code to submit your application.

Applicant requirements

  • Admitted Rogue Community College student
  • Successful completion of prerequisites prior to program start date
  • Personal Statement Essay
  • Complete and submit an application

Tips for application success.

  • Follow the directions carefully; these are competitive, limited-entry programs
  • Type and save your written responses using Word or Docs, then copy and paste into the application.
  • Application sessions time out after 120 minutes Save often!

Screening process

  • Applications are evaluated on completeness, quality of answers, and submitted materials
  • Top scoring applicants may be invited to a formal interview
  • Finalist will be notified with an acceptance letter via email

Application Breakdown

  • Previous Health Care Experience
    Type a short description of your experience and select how long it lasted.
  • Personal Statement
    In a 400-500 word essay, answer the following: What lead you to apply for this Allied Health program? How would this program help accomplish your personal and professional goals? Where do you see your future in health care? How are you prepared to be successful in this program?

    Note: Answers will be scored on spelling, grammar and completeness of answers to the questions above
  • Prerequisites Completed or Currently Enrolled
  • Military Veteran

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