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Academic Success

Academic Success

Academic Success Mission

Offer professional comprehensive support for students and community members in classes, Academic Success Centers (Tutoring), and Testing Centers.

Reading: Prepare students to better use and comprehend college text books.

Academic Success Center (Tutoring): Offer comprehensive support for students in college level math, writing, science, and other core courses.

Testing: Provide a high-quality testing environment that ascribes to the highest professional standards.


Academic Success courses are provided for college students whose placement tests indicate a need for writing, reading, mathematics, or study skills improvement. Academic Success also offers college-level course in critical thinking, speed reading, and vocabulary development.


Some Academic Success classes also may be required for certain career and technical programs. Tutoring assistance is provided for all credit-enrolled students.

Financial Aid

A student may receive federal and/or state financial aid for a maximum of 45 attempted developmental education credits. See RCC's Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy.

More Information and Strategies For Student Success

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