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Cooperative Work Experience (CWE)

Cooperative Work Experience

Internships for Credit at RCC

Get hands-on skills with Cooperative Work Experience

Cooperative Work Experience, or CWE, takes students beyond the classroom, providing an opportunity to put theory into practice, explore careers and expand your skills in a real-world work environment. RCC’s CWE program helps students prepare for a successful professional career and an exciting future of opportunity.

Do you need direction in finding your career? Is it time to discover your true potential? Rogue Community College's CWE internships can help you on this journey. CWE is an opportunity to gain relevant experience in your chosen discipline. It is a great way for students and businesses to connect, and may be an important step in achieving your dream.

What is CWE?

CWE is work-based learning. It is structured learning in a work environment to gain in-depth, hands-on experience. Knowledge and expectations in a career field are aligned with curriculum and instruction based on industry standards. Work-based learning is a highly effective recruiting tool. When students have the opportunity to present their skills in the working world, employers are able to see them as mature, skilled candidates who are prepared to face the diverse challenges of today’s workplace.

  • CWE internships award college credit for on-the-job training, paid or unpaid.
  • 33 hours of work equals 1 RCC credit of CWE.
  • It is a partnership between RCC, students and employers.
  • Internships teach, develop and perfect skills in a desired field.
  • Work ethics are a major component of every Cooperative Work Experience.
  • Learning objectives are agreed upon by all parties.
  • Students earn a grade for the work they do for their employer.
  • Employers work with students to fit industry needs. 
  • RCC may assist with locating a work site.
  • Employers may offer permanent, paid employment to the student at any point of the CWE.

Examples of CWE Opportunities:

Accounting Assistant

Electronics Technician

Student Automotive Technician

Assistant VP of Loan Processing

Emergency Medical Technician-Paramedic Intern

 Student Diesel Technician

Assistant to Public Defender

Event Coordinator

Student Massage Therapist

Bio-Medical Technician

Gallery Assistant

Teaching Assistant-Research Assistant

Bookkeeping Assistant

Graphic Designer

Web Designer

Calibration Technician

Gym-Fitness Assistant

Web Development Assistant

Computer Help Desk Technician

Legal Assistant


Computer Network Analyst

Library Specialist

Youth Advocate

Deputy Trainee

Manufacturing Lab or Shop Aide

Youth Supervisor

Design-Production Assistant

PC Repair Technician


Note: This list is just a small sample of what might be available through RCC departments and programs.

How do I get started with CWE?

Contact Jennifer Burkes, 541-956-7066 or [email protected].
The CWE office will work with all involved parties to facilitate the paperwork process.
(Click HERE for a checklist to use as a guide.)

Contact Jennifer Burkes, 541-956-7066 or [email protected].
The CWE office will work to find an employer-student match and discuss options.
RCC provides Workers’ Compensation coverage for unpaid CWE placements.
(Click HERE for a checklist to use as a guide.)