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BP 7365 Discipline and Dismissal Non-Academic Employees


NWCCU 2020 Standard 2.F.1

According to Oregon Community College Association (OCCA), Board Policy 7365 Discipline and Dismissal – Non-Academic Employees, is an accreditation required policy for an entity that employs permanent, non-academic positions.

Rogue Community College operates with a comprehensive collective bargaining agreement and employee handbook (as applicable) that exceed the scope of this policy verbiage and is therefore not required to maintain this Board Policy.

Permanent, non-academic employees of Rogue Community College may find more information on the collective bargaining agreement, employee discipline manual and employee handbook by following these links:

For the privacy of our employees, this information is not publicly available.

Classified Collective Bargaining Agreement

Classified Employee Discipline Manual

Management/Administrative/Confidential Handbook

Rescinds Policy Number: None

Adopted: April 21, 2020