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BP 6550 Disposal of Property


ORS 341.290(5)
ORS 271.300 to 271.360
ORS 279A.280, 279B.055, 279B.060

The Vice President of Operations and Finance/CFO is delegated authority by the Board of Education to declare as surplus such personal property of Rogue Community College District (College) as is no longer useful for the College's purposes. Personal property is defined as College owned moveable property.  The Vice President of Operations and Finance/CFO shall establish procedures to dispose of such property in accordance with applicable law. All sales of surplus personal property shall be reported to the Business Office.

This policy does not address real property transactions. Board Policy 6500: Propety Management addresses real property transactions.

Rescinds Policy Number: IV.B.030

Adopted: July 20, 2021