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BP 6340 Bids and Contracts


NWCCU 2010 Standard 2.A.26
ORS 279A, ORS 279B
Community College Rules of Procurement

The Board of Education delegates to the Vice President of Operations and Finance the authority to enter into contracts on behalf of Rogue Community College District (College) and to establish administrative procedures for contract awards and management, subject to the following:

Contracts are not enforceable that have not been signed by the Vice President of Operations and Finance or designee.

Contracts for goods, services, equipment or supplies to be furnished to or sold to the College in the amount of $100,000 or more shall require prior approval by the Board of Education through formal resolution.

  • The College President may approve an exception if it is determined that immediate action should be taken to avoid adverse action to College business or for circumstances that will impede educational processes. In the case of such an exception, the College President shall notify the Board of Education of the exception within a reasonable time period. Exceptions shall be documented and approved by the Board of Education through formal resolution at the next scheduled Board of Education Meeting.  

For Contracts $150,000 or more a formal solicitation process must be completed prior to Board approvals. All formal solicitations must follow prescribed statutory rule as indicated in the Oregon Revised Statute, Oregon Administrative Rule and the Community College Rules of Procurement.

Rescinds Policy Number: IV.B.010

Adopted: October 22, 2019

Names and departments updated 01/04/2022