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BP 5130 Financial Aid


20 U.S. Code Sections 1070 et seq ;
34 Code of Federal Regulations Part 668 (U.S. Department of Education regulations on the Integrity of Federal Student Financial Aid Programs under Title IV of the Higher Education Act of 1965, as amended);
NWCCU 2020 Standards 1.C.4, 1.D.3, 2.C.1, 2.E.3, 2.G.4, 2.G.5
ORS 348.015 to 348.017

While it is the student's primary responsibility to pay for educational expenses, financial aid programs may be available to help pay the educational expenses during attendance at Rogue Community College. Educational costs may include, but are not limited to, tuition, fees, books, supplies, room and board, personal expenses, child care, and transportation costs.

Financial aid programs may include grants, scholarships, loans, and student employment. The student must meet eligibility criteria as defined by the individual financial aid programs.

All financial aid programs will adhere to guidelines, procedures and standards issued by the funding agency, and will incorporate federal, state, and other applicable regulatory requirements.

Rogue Community College shall establish, publicize, and apply satisfactory academic progress standards for participants in Title IV student aid programs.

Consistent with the applicable federal regulations for federal financial aid, Rogue Community College shall not engage in “substantial misrepresentation” of:

  1. the nature of its educational program,
  2. the nature of its financial charges, or
  3. the employability of its graduates.

At least annually, Rogue Community College reviews the financial aid website and other informational materials for accuracy and completeness and for training employees and vendors providing educational programs, marketing, advertising, recruiting, or admission services concerning the educational programs, financial charges, and employment of graduates to assure compliance with this policy.

The Office of Financial Aid shall periodically monitor employees’ and vendors’ communications with prospective students and members of the public and take corrective action where needed.

This policy does not create a private cause of action against Rogue Community College or any of its representatives or service providers. Rogue Community College and its Board of Education do not waive any defenses or governmental immunities by enacting this policy.

Rescinds Policy Number: None

Adopted: March 17, 2020