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BP 5015 Residence Determination


OAR 589-002-0200
Senate Bill 312 Resident Tuition for Native American/Alaska Native Graduates of Oregon High Schools
Senate Bill 234 Federal Vocational Rehabilitation Education Benefits for Military Dependents

Students shall be classified at the time of each application for admission or registration as a resident or nonresident student.  RCC offers three tuition schedules: 1) in-state, 2) out-of-state, and 3) international. Tuition will be established according to a student’s residence.

A resident is any person who has been a resident of Oregon for at least 90 days on the residence determination date. The residence determination date shall be the day immediately preceding the first day of the term the student plans to attend. A resident will be charged in-state tuition.

Special circumstances may be applied for military service, federal laws for veterans and other exceptions. A student previously classified as a nonresident may be reclassified as of any residence determination date.

The College Registrar shall establish procedures to verify student residency for purposes of charging tuition, complying with federal and/or state requirements, or meeting institutional research needs. The College Registrar shall enact procedures to assure that residence determinations are made in accordance with Education Code and Title 5 Regulations.

See BP/AP5015: Residence Determination; BP/AP5020: Non-resident Tuition; BP5030: Fees

Rescinds Policy Number: VII.A.030

Adopted: July 21, 2020