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Rogue Community College Board of Education

BP 3530 Weapons on Campus


ORS 341.290(4)
ORS 166.360 to 166.380
Chapter 146, 2021 Laws

Rogue Community College is committed to preventing workplace violence and maintaining a safe work and learning environment. The College President or designee shall establish a procedure for regulating weapons on campus in accordance with federal and state law. The procedure shall clearly define the scope, the type of weapons covered under the procedure, the jurisdiction of the college, and any potential disciplinary action for violating the procedure. The procedure shall be made widely available to all students, employees, and visitors to the college as required by federal and state law. The College President is authorized to make exceptions on the showing of good cause or necessity, which are described in the procedure.

Rescinds Policy Number: 11.B.030

Adopted:  November 15, 2022