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Rogue Community College Board of Education

BP 2355 Decorum



The following will be ruled out of order by the presiding board officer.

  • Profanity, obscenity, and other disruptive language.
  • Physical violence or threats of physical violence directed towards any person or property.
  • Complaints concerning individual district personnel.

In the event that any meeting is willfully interrupted by the actions of one or more persons so as to render the orderly conduct of the meeting unfeasible, the person(s) may be asked to leave the meeting.

Speakers who engage in such conduct may be denied the opportunity to speak to the Board of Education for the duration of the meeting.

A warning and a request that the person(s) curtail the disruptive activity will be made by the presiding officer of the Board of Education.  If the behavior continues, the person(s) may be removed by a vote of the Board of Education, based on a finding that the person is violating this policy, and that such activity is intentional and has substantially impaired the conduct of the meeting.

If order cannot be restored by the removal in accordance with these rules of individuals who are willfully interrupting the meeting, the Board of Education may order the meeting room cleared and may continue in session.  The Board of Education shall only consider matters appearing on the agenda.  Representatives of the press or other news media, except those participating in the disturbance, shall be allowed to attend any session held pursuant to this rule.


Rescinds Policy Number:  I.D.110

Adopted: December 17, 2019