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Rogue Community College Board of Education

BP-2305 Annual Organization Meeting


ORS 341.283, ORS 255.335(5)

The annual organizational meeting of the Board of Education will be held in July.  In or around April, the Board chair will appoint a Board subcommittee to make recommendations for the annual organizational meeting. The subcommittee will provide recommendations (first reading) to the Board at its May meeting and the Board will approve the annual organization (second reading) in June.  In years following a district election Oregon law requires that the annual organization meeting to be held in July.

The purpose of the annual organizational meeting is to elect a board chair and vice-chair and conduct any other business as required by law or determined by the Board of Education.  Issues to be decided are based on statute as follows:

  • Elect Board chair and vice-chair. No member shall serve as chair for more than two (2) years in succession (ORS 332.040).
  • Appoint executive officer/clerk (the College President) and with approval by the Board, the President will appoint the Deputy Clerk (RCC’s Chief Financial Officer) (ORS 332.515).
  • Appoint custodian of funds/signatory (ORS 341.703).
  • Designate budget officer (Chief Financial Officer) (ORS 294.331).
  • Designate Auditor (ORS 297.405, 327.137 and 328.465).
  • Establish regular monthly Board meeting day or days, time and place.
  • Establish depository(ies) for college funds (ORS 328.441 and 294.805 to 294.895).
  • Appoint members for standing committees.

The Board of Education shall hold a regular organizational meeting following the regular district election not later than the last day of July of that year.

Rescinds Policy Number: I.B.010 (partial), I.B.020 (partial), I.D.010

Adopted:  August 20, 2019