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Rogue Community College Board of Education

BP 2220 Committees of the Board of Education



The Board of Education (Board) may by action establish committees that it determines are necessary to assist the Board in its responsibilities.

Board committees that are only advisory have no authority or power to act on behalf of the Board.  Findings or recommendations shall be reported to the Board for consideration.

The Board has established the following:

Standing committees:

Board Outreach Committee:  Plans and develops interaction between board members and the community.
Board Policy Committee:  Revises Board Policy Handbook.
Board Self Evaluation Committee: Meets to establish timeline and methodology for annual self-evaluation.
Executive Committee:  Meets to review the Board meeting agenda and receive President’s report on current issues.  Attended monthly by Chair, and Vice-Chair. Each board member attends for two months on a rotating basis.
Finance and Audit Committee:  Meets to review monthly Financial Statement and review the audit prior to full Board review.
President’s Performance Review Committee:  Chair of the Board or Vice-Chair of the Board serves as Chair of this committee.  Committee meets to coordinate and process the annual performance review of the President.

Liaison positions:

Bond Oversight Committee Liaisons: Consults on bond projects as a result of Bond Elections.
Foundation Board Liaison: Attends RCC Foundation Board meetings and other meetings/events as invited.  Serves as an Ex-officio voting member of the Foundation Board.
Legislative Committee Liaison:  Serves as Legislative Committee Chair if committee is re-activated.  Committee is comprised of President, staff and students.
OCCA/OSBA Liaison:  Serves as RCC representative on the OCCA Board. (The OCCA Board consists of 34 members including the President and one Board member from each community college.  Serves as OSBA liaison keeping Board members informed of issues relative to community colleges.

Rescinds Policy Number: I.B.010

Adopted:  August 20, 2019

Revised: October 19, 2021

Revised: March 21, 2023