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Spacer Rogue Community College Board of Education

BP 1100 The Rogue Community College


ORS 341.415

The community college serving Josephine and Jackson counties in Oregon has been named the Rogue Community College.

The name is the property of the Rogue Community College.  No person shall, without the permission of the Board of Education, use this name or the name(s) of any college(s) or other facilities of the Rogue Community College, or any abbreviation of them, to imply, indicate, or otherwise suggest that an organization, product, or service is connected or affiliated with, or is endorsed, favored, supported, or opposed by, the Rogue Community College.

The Rogue Community College consists of the following campuses:

  • Redwood Campus
  • Riverside Campus
  • Table Rock Campus

Rescinds Policy Number: None

Adopted:  December 18, 2018
Revised: December 13, 2022