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AP 7600 Security


ORS 341.290(4)
ORS 341.300 (Traffic control/parking)
AP 5999 Students Rights, Freedoms and Responsibilities

Campus Security Officers

The objective of Campus Security is to promote a safe and secure environment for students, employees, and visitors, provide for the protection of college property against theft and vandalism and increase awareness through appropriate crime prevention programs.

The College will enter into a contract with a private security firm to provide campus security officers. These officers will employ community-oriented security principles, problem-solving techniques, and other appropriate methods that align with and contribute to the college's mission, vision, and core values.

The college does not maintain a use of force policy for Campus Security Officers since the officers are employees of a private security firm. The college expects that the private security firm will maintain a use of force policy that meets the legal requirements under Oregon law. The college holds the position that the highest level of force approved is pepper spray or similar products. Pepper spray will not be used at any time except as a defensive measure when there is an immediate threat of personal injury to the officer or another person.

Adherence to college policies and procedures governing the conduct of Campus Security Officers is considered a condition of assignment to the college. Any violation of, deviation from, or abuse of these policies, procedures, or regulations may result in removal from the college.

Risk Management has established written Campus Security Post Orders consistent with these procedures The Director of Risk Management must authorize any change in approved procedures.

Campus Security Officers shall:

  • Be non-sworn and unarmed;
  • Be licensed by the Oregon Department of Public Safety Standards and Training;
  • Satisfactorily complete and maintain appropriate annual training and certification; as specified by the college and Oregon DPSST;
  • Follow provisions of state and municipal traffic ordinances when operating a vehicle in the performance of their duties;
  • Be sensitive to the higher education environment and the way in which student behavior is addressed by AP 5999 Student Rights Freedoms and Responsibilities Participate in college training and demonstrate a commitment to the principles of equity, diversity, and inclusion.
  • Be courteous and civil to the public and one another at all times.

Campus Security Officers shall not:

  • Impersonate a police officer (use a title, wear a uniform or badge, use insignia or identification, make statements with the intent to give an impression that the Campus Security Officer is a peace officer).
  • Conduct searches of persons, property, lockers, or vehicles.
    • However, searches of packages, backpacks, bags, or other similar items that are abandoned and included in lost and found are allowable.
  • Remove RCC equipment from college property without authorization. If the private security company provides flashlights, they will be used for illumination only and not as weapons.
  • Use unnecessary harsh, profane, or vulgar language when dealing with members of the public or fellow employees in an official capacity.

Campus Security Officer Roles & Responsibilities (within the law and the authority granted by the college):

  • Provide the safest possible environment within the scope of their authority, training, job duties, and abilities.
  • Protect the persons and property of the college primarily through prevention, observation, and reporting.
  • Monitor safety standards established by the college.
  • Enforce college policies and procedures.
  • Monitor facility access control.
  • Support special events.
  • Only RCC or the private security company issued and approved equipment shall be carried or used by Campus Security Officers while on duty. This includes:
    • uniform wear, both mandatory and optional
    • handcuffs and pepper spray or similar products as authorized by the college and subject to the satisfactory completion of appropriate training and certification in the use of such equipment as required by the private security company and Oregon DPSST
  • Employ community-oriented security strategies, which shall include the use of foot and golf cart patrols.

Campus Security Officers are Authorized to:

  • Question and request identification of persons on college property when probable cause to do so exists for suspicious circumstances involving persons, accidents, assaults, or complaints.
  • Affect a citizen's arrest on college property pursuant to ORS 133.225 Arrest by a private person, within the limits of established college procedure.
    • Campus Security Officers are authorized to make a citizen's arrest for any crime committed in their presence if the Campus Security Officer has probable cause to believe the arrested person committed the crime.
  • Observe and report moving traffic violations on college property but are not authorized to make traffic stops. Violators will be identified via license plate and referred to the Director of Risk Management via an incident report.
  • Issue parking citations on college property for violations of parking regulations established by the college.
  • Engage in foot pursuits on college property to regain college or personal property. All pursuit shall end if the suspect exits college. Campus Security Officers shall not engage in a foot or other pursuits that may cause injury to themselves, innocent bystanders, or the suspect. Vehicle pursuits, including automobiles, motorized cycles, motorized cars, and utility vehicles (golf carts), are expressly prohibited.

Rescinds Policy Number: None

Adopted: September 23, 2021