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AP 6905 Textbook Adoptions


NWCCU Standard 2.D.12
ORS 341.290(12)

Special Meetings

The primary function of textbook adoption and acquisition procedures are to meet the needs of the students with respect to books, supplies, and materials. Cooperation among the faculty, the Vice President of Student Learning and Success, the division deans, and the online bookstore vendor is essential to discharge this function effectively and efficiently.

Maximum class sizes as determined by the instructional division and past sales records will be used in determining the number of textbooks and materials available for sale in the online bookstore. Faculty with unique needs should speak with the Acquisition Specialist when submitting textbook requests.

Faculty and staff will not advertise or recommend to students in writing, other retailers for the purchase of adopted textbooks and course materials.

Faculty rights for course material selections are outlined in the Faculty Collective Bargaining agreement. As a general policy, faculty are encouraged to minimize the cost of course materials, including textbooks in accordance with House Bill 2871. Faculty are encouraged to adopt books and special materials for not less than two academic years, allowing students to take advantage of the buyback cycle. In addition, faculty are encouraged to select open or free or other low-cost or no-cost text books/course materials. Departments are also encouraged to adopt the same course material for all sections of a course enabling students to switch sections without the need to purchase different course material.

Careful planning on the part of a faculty member and the bookstore vendor is needed to guarantee book availability. When a change in a textbook and/or course material occurs, consideration should be given to minimize the financial losses with leftover books and materials. The bookstore vendor will provide Student Learning and Success the necessary timeframe to minimize the impact on students, as well as minimize financial losses to the College. When financial losses occur due to this type of change, the department will be financially responsible.

In compliance with the Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2010, required course materials shall be posted on the College’s website by the first day of registration. In compliance with Oregon House Bill 2871, section 4 the college shall prominently designate courses whose course materials exclusively consist of open or free textbooks or other low-cost or no-cost course materials. The course designation required by this section must appear in the online schedule.


The Director of Auxiliary Services is responsible for carrying out this procedure as it pertains to the bookstore vendor.

The Student Learning and Success (SLS) Deans are responsible for carrying out this procedure as it pertains to responsibilities associated with faculty members.

The SLS Division is responsible for carrying out this procedure as it pertains to the responsibilities associated with the schedule and meeting the adoption dates agreed to with the vendor.

Rescinds Policy Number: VIII.B.030: Textbooks and Manuals

Approved:  December 6, 2022