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AP 6810 Accident and Injury Reporting


Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Act of 1970;
29 Code of Federal Regulations Parts 1910 et seq.
Oregon Safe Employment Act (ORS 654)

Rogue Community College is committed to the safety of all members of the college community. As part of this commitment, Rogue Community College encourages the prompt reporting of all accidents, injuries and near misses to the College Risk Management Department. Rogue Community College has implemented the following procedure that outlines the reporting process.

This procedure applies to all students, faculty, staff and visitors on all properties and facilities owned or operated by Rogue Community College, all employees and students while not on college owned or operated property but while participating in a college sponsored event or activity and all employees and locations outlined in the Rogue Community College Telecommuter Agreement.

The purpose of the Incident Reporting is to:

Track and document all incidents
Determine if facilities and/or equipment require service, maintenance or repair
Determine if current work practices require reevaluation or further training in order to control or eliminate possible hazards

If the accident or injury is severe enough to require emergency medical services, please call 911 immediately and the contact RCC Security at the campus at which the accident or injury occurred. If the accident or injury occurs off campus please contact the RCC Security at the Redwood Campus.

An online Accident / Injury Report must be completed as soon as practical following the incident regardless of the severity of the accident or injury.

College employees who are involved in a work related accident or sustain a work related injury are also required to notify their immediate supervisor at the time of the incident.

All Accident / Injury reports will be reviewed and if necessary investigated by the College Risk Management Department in compliance with the RCC Safety and Accident Prevention Administrative Procedure – AP 6800.

RCC Employees will not transport students or other employees in their personal vehicles who have been injured or otherwise suffered an accident on or off campus for medical or emergency treatment. Employees will not be transported by students for medical treatment.

Rescinds Procedure Number: AP-001

Approved: December 3, 2019